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Steve Jobs has died

Steve Jobs has diedEx-CEO of Apple Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56. This is stated in the message Apple.

Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) and Ronald Wayne (Ronald Wayne). In 1985, he moved from there because of disagreements with senior management corporation, and in 1997 returned and in 2000 he became its CEO.

In August 2011, Steve Jobs after a long holiday resigned as head of Apple. CEO of the company was Tim Cook (Tim Cook), is replaced with Jobs' January 17, 2011, when he went on sick leave. In this case, Steve Jobs has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Apple.

German police became interested in the new action Anonymous

German police became interested in the new action AnonymousGerman police began checking against hackers from the group Anonymous, WDR reports, citing a police Dusseldorf Shoyl Frank (Frank Scheulen). The charges stemmed from hackers campaign to combat child pornography. Hackers post on campaign appeared on YouTube.

Anonymous hacked sites that host illegal content, and then publish open data about visitors to those pages. In particular, their names appeared on the Internet and e-mail addresses.

Pierre Michel Golay and its magnificent clock to show WPHH 2012

Pierre Michel Golay and its magnificent clock to show WPHH 2012Swiss watchmaker Pierre Michel Golay introduced in the current exhibition WPHH 2012 his watch, equipped with proprietary calibers. Gauges abound of more than a dozen modifications.

Calibre Calibre 1700 S6 PR is a mechanical movement with manual winding and two drums. Caliber diameter is 31 mm, the thickness was 5 mm. In the caliber used and Breguet hairspring balance wheel with screws. The mechanism provides the functions of indicating hours and minutes. The seconds hand is put on additional dial at 6 o'clock position. Power reserve indicator is located at position 10.30. The crown has two positions of adjustment: Adjust Time and plant machinery. Caliber, consisting of 206 components and 25 jewels collected by, has a 192-hour power reserve and a balance frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour. Decorating caliber made in the style of Cotes de Geneve.

German inventors build a farm in the middle of the city

German inventors build a farm in the middle of the cityEntrepreneurs from Germany are planning to create a kind of a farm in the center of the city. To do this, they are going to use the building of the old Malt, writes Cnews.

On the roof, an area of 7 thousand square meters, built a high-tech industrial akvaponny garden, and in the former workshops — a fish factory.

Despite urbanization, food and more are grown in the fields, and then delivered to the stores for a long time. Modern technology can help simplify the process.

The most expensive advertising in Google valued at $ 50-per-click

The most expensive advertising in Google valued at $ 50-per-clickGoogle will earn up to $ 50 per click advertising, tied with the help of service to the AdWords keyword searches. This is stated in a study site WordStream, which deals with the calculation and processing of key words on the Internet. WordStream also learned what words bring Google more than just profit.

Google AdWords advertising service is designed on the principle of auction in which advertisers make bids on keywords based on their popularity in search queries. The minimum rate is 5 cents, but WordStream says that advertisers are willing to pay $ 50 for the most "expensive" words. Total cost of advertising is determined on a "pay per click" ("cost per click").