Cartoon about a race of lasers has become a leader to display the page "RUSNANO" on YouTube

Short promotional cartoon titled “Once upon a time two laser” for two weeks from the date of posting on YouTube scored nearly six thousand views. For this indicator, it has overtaken all the videos added by users to rosnano.

Cartoon, judging by the fact that in the end it appears as a link to the address “RUSNANO”, was commissioned by the state corporation. It talks about how to live quietly solid and gas lasers, while their life is not a competitor – a flexible fiber laser. It is the most effective of all the lasers, although it seems unmanageable.

Who made the cartoon “RUSNANO”, not yet reported. It is also unknown how much the state corporation paid for the cartoon, and whether it will be broadcast live somewhere other than the internet.

It should be noted that this is not the first cartoon that “RUSNANO” shoots for promotional purposes. In April, for example, the corporation issued a video “Well, you, nano, give!” about nanosverla.

“RUSNANO” – state-owned corporation, which is designed to make Russia a global market leader in nanotechnology. Its objective is to invest in long-term projects related to nanotechnology. Supervises “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais.

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Nanotechnology (Greek nanos dwarf + techno art + logo teaching concept) interdisciplinary field of basic and applied science and engineering dealing with innovative methods (in the areas of theoretical studies, experimental methods of investigation, analysis and synthesis, as well as in new industries) getting new materials with specific desired properties.

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