At nuclear power plants near Chicago stopped a nuclear reactor

At nuclear power plants near Chicago stopped a nuclear reactorOn Monday, the United States stopped nuclear reactor at the plant, "Byron" at 150 kilometers north-west of Chicago in Illinois, reports, referring to the nuclear power plant operator — the corporation Exelon.

At about 10.18 local time stopped a second nuclear reactor, to which as yet unknown reason, stopped supply of energy from an external source. To cool the reactor, it was decided to release steam from the non-nuclear section of the plant. As representatives of Exelon, vapor contains a small amount of radioactive tritium, but not dangerous.

Also, representatives of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission United States, reported that one of the transformers station was smoke, but no fire was found. The first reactor is operating normally.

According to the representative of the operating company, is currently establishing the cause of the contingency.

In 2008, on the same plant are audited electrical transformers after having been shortages of energy from an external source to one of the reactors.

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