Application and Setup

Your phaser property guard system is capable ot operating in two modes. Mode 1 is at a frequency known to produce paranoia, nausea, disorientation, and many other physiological effects. Mode 2 enables you to use the system as an audible alarm to frighten off intruders or warn the user. Both modes can be
used in combination and are easily front-panel-con – trolled by the user. Three separate jacks enable the detection of a broken trip wire or contact foil, a pres­sure or actuating switch, and a positive voltage-level pulse obtained from other detection equipment such as those listed in the Information Unlimited catalog.

Application and Setup

Figure 2B-8 Final assembly

The position of the transducers should be set to direct as much energy as possible to the points of intrusion or access. They can be directed ю any target area or be individually placed for multiple effects.

The power unit should be placed where the user can reset the device and preset the controls for maxi­mum effcct. Figure 28-9 shows the connections to the rear panel.

R ULIord of Caution

Ultrasonic is a gray area in many respects when an application involves the control of animals or even a deterrent to unauthorized intrusion. It is always best to consult with local, municipal, and state laws before using this device to protect your home or property. Remember that many state laws lean more toward the right of the criminal rather than the victim.

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