Android for work and for entertainment iOS

Android for work and for entertainment iOSThe most popular content on the Android Market are programs and games in the App Store. These results of our study led research company Xyologic.

According to the report, of the 150 most popular applications in November, downloaded the official app store for the platform Android, programs, and 85 are only 65 games. In Apple's App Store is 100 out of 150 games, and only 50 of the program.

On this basis, the company Xyologic concluded that Android is a platform for people who use the gadgets to work, and iOS chosen by those for whom the gadget is more of a mobile game console.

In November of last year's top 150 apps for Android accounted for 116 programs for android, and only 36 were games. Members iPhone, iPad and iPod application of the 150 program downloads, 71 and 79 games.

Another significant difference between the iOS and Android platforms named employees of the company Distimo. They argue that the top 200 apps for apple gadgets bring their developers are four times more profit than applications for guglofonov.

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