A list of the most immoral computer games

A list of the most immoral computer gamesThe newspaper The Washington Post has compiled a list of the 15 most controversial video games of all time, the story is somehow violates the generally accepted morality.

Games are not grouped by category. Some of them claim to be ironic, others outright distortions are introduced to some very childish. One of them is the simulation of terrorist operations, the action takes place in the other camp neorasistov. In general, all of them have fights, alcohol, drugs and libido, says TCH.ua.

Modern Warfare 2 game authors of the list as a whole is considered respectable, but it was on the list through the mission No Russian (not a word in Russian). In this 3D-shooter, real-time agent of U.S. intelligence penetrates the Russian terrorist group and is involved in the shooting of civilians in Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. User is encouraged to participate in this mission on a fairly harsh player can not avoid firing on civilians, otherwise it will automatically lose.

In Bonetown game where gamers promise the possibility to have sex, you need to defeat the smug sanctimonious with Jesus and porn star Ron Jeremy. Of course, as the game character drinks a ton of alcohol, smokes marijuana and car decorates dance enemy faces.

Recently in this series came out mini-game Adultery tour of Tiger Woods in 2010.

Exclusively distributed in Japan game Rapelay, where man hunts down and rapes a mother and her two daughters. No, it's not for fun, it is extremely detailed simulation with a bias fetishism that offers forced to have sex three women at the same time, the author notes.

Custer's Revenge Revenge of General Custer (he lost the battle of the Indians Little Bighorn and was killed in action) involves jumping through a prairie fire and a prize opportunity to rape an Indian girl.

V-Tech Rampage based on a true story: Virginia Tech University student opened fire and killed 32 people.

A similar game on Super Columbine Massacre RPG! based on the massacre at Columbine High School.

Resistance: Ethnic Cleansing rude shooter on neo-Nazis to neo-Nazis, where gamers say: On you depends on the existence of the white race.

Battle Raper warped version of the fighter's game where you do not hit the enemy, and tearing clothes with richly drawn women to eventually force them to please ourselves.

JFK Reloaded simulation of the Kennedy assassination, the gamer plays for Lee Harvey Oswald.

Operation Pedopriest obvious satire. In it the gamer battalions eunuchs to intimidate victims and witnesses of sexual offenses, the task of protecting the lascivious priests from the police and journalists.

The Torture Game 2 allows you to torture and kill a human-like a rag doll. One can argue this game because winning or losing is not intended, and do not need any skill, writes The Washington Post.

Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide allows, according to the annotation to manage an American hero and destroy the Muslim race with an arsenal the most deadly weapons in the world.

Manhunt 2 allows gamers to execute people with improvised means such as crashing head on the toilet seat. But most of all, according to the author of the review, it is not irritating violence, and botched execution.

The purpose of Virtual Jihadi draw attention to the problems of Iraqis in today's war. The author, an Iraqi Wafaa Bilal, a teacher of the Chicago School of the Arts, broke the game Islamists pursuit of Bush and put it himself in the role of a suicide bomber.

Game Raid Gaza! proposes to demolish a house in the Gaza Strip, playing for Israel.

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