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The FBI has published a dossier on Steve Jobs

The FBI has published a dossier on Steve JobsThe FBI has published a dossier on Apple founder Steve Jobs, developed in the early 1990s, according to Agence France-Presse on Thursday, February 9. The document consists of 191 pages, was made public on the basis of the Law on Freedom of Information (Freedom of Information Act).

File was created in 1991 when the appointment was discussed Jobs in Export Council (The President's Export Council) under the U.S. President George HW Bush. Jobs at the time temporarily left the company Apple. The candidacy of Steve Jobs, in turn, has been approved, and he entered the presidential Export Council, U.S. Department of Commerce announced on February 9 after the publication of the dossier, reports Associated Press.

The number of Android-virus growing at an unprecedented rate

Researchers from the Juniper Global Threat Center, specializing in issues of network security, issued a report saying that the number of viruses that attack android Soup has risen for four months by 472%.

The reason for that analysts say is too liberal environment for developers of Android. To begin placing your applications, just to pay a. No one checks whether your application does what it promises users are content with just that description, which deems it necessary to make the developer.

Presented by the new generation of iPad tablet

Presented by the new generation of iPad tabletApple is on Wednesday, March 7, at an event in San Francisco, introduced a new generation tablet iPad.

From the previous tablet, a second-generation device is distinguished processor (A5X with new graphics), as well as the new Retina display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels (pixel density – 264 per inch). The colors on the new screen look more saturated, the vice president of Apple Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller).

Apple has updated the built-in back cover plate camera. She became pyatimegapikselnoy lens and got a new design. The camera can shoot video at 1080p.

Monkey and Circles

Google+ has launched successfully, but not too meaningful

Running a social network Google+, which has become known to a wider public network in late June, has already managed to cause a lot of conflicting emotions. From a crazy race for an invite in the first days occurred shortly before the rhetorical questions such as “Why should I?” and irritation of the endless notifications, you will cover your favorite Google-mail. In light of this, it is unclear whether the success of the launch Google+ real or only virtual.

Of course, the new project has caused much greater response from users than those previous attempts Google socialize its audience as Wave or Buzz. The euphoria around initially closed registration and distribution of a limited number of invitations perfectly illustrates at least the fact that at some point in Google+ invites started selling on eBay. Members, by hook or by crook finally got the coveted invite, went inside and immediately came to the delight of effectively draw a circle, where you can drag the mouse friends, relatives and acquaintances.

French court for the first time wrote a penalty for illegally downloading music

A French court has sentenced the first time internet user to pay a fine for violating the new law on protection of copyrights, reported on Thursday the French media.

The penalty was a resident of a small town in eastern France Lepyui – he was found guilty of downloading a few songs. According to the man, whose age is about forty years old, he is new to the job on the Internet, music downloads, and his ex-wife.

According to the court, the offender, who faced fines of up to 1.5 thousand euros, will be required to pay the amount of 150 euros.