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Yahoo! named the top ten popular searches of the year

Yahoo! named the top ten popular searches of the yearSearch engine Yahoo! has published the top ten most popular searches of 2010.

The most popular topic among the audience Yahoo! (mostly Americans and Canadians) was the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. In second place was the World Cup in South Africa, including requests dedicated vuvuzela and octopus Paul, and the third actress and singer Miley Cyrus, which released in the summer of 2010 a new album with the title hit single "Can't Be Tamed". Completing the top five Yahoo! has two ambitious girls – socialite Kim Kardashian and singer Lady Gaga.

The first ship for space tourists SpaceShipTwo successfully tested

The first ship for space tourists SpaceShipTwo successfully testedSuborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo (SS2) made its first test flight with the inclusion of a rocket motor to reach supersonic speed, which opens the way for the first flight into space, which is scheduled for late 2013, the company Virgin Galactic.

"The first time we were able to test the key components of the system in flight. Nynesheny supersonic success opens the way to a realistic goal – full space flight at the end of the year," – said Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic.

Рунет сегодня: экспансия западных ресурсов набирает обороты

Рунет сегодня: экспансия западных ресурсов набирает оборотыКонкуренция во Всемирной сети – дело нешуточное. Еще бы, ведь сегодня интернет стремительно распространяется по всему миру, заменяет собой традиционные средства массовой информации, такие как телевидение, радио, печатную прессу. Ежедневно через мировую паутину проходят терабайты информации, которые в конечном итоге находят своего конечного потребителя в лице обычных обывателей, “сидящих в сети” в поиске новостей, развлечений, общения и пр.

Одним из наиболее активных сегментов глобальной сети является российская зона интернета, иначе говоря “Рунет”. Всего за 4 последних года количество пользователей Рунета удвоилось, достигнув 52,9 млн. человек – это 46% населения страны старше 18 лет. По данным недавнего исследования российского Фонда развития гражданского общества “Рунет сегодня”, кроме роста количества самих юзеров, пользование интернетом стало более интенсифицированным. По данным ВЦИОМ на весну 2012 года, ежедневная аудитория Сети выросла уже до 38% от населения страны. Россия стала европейским лидером по количеству пользователей Интернета, свидетельствуют данные исследования.

The number of sites on the basis of WordPress has exceeded 50 million

The number of sites on the basis of WordPress has exceeded 50 millionThe number of websites that are based on open system WordPress, July 10, 2011 exceeded 50 million. About half of them available on most hosting WordPress, and others – on independent servers around the world. This is the website of The Next Web.

According to statistics published on the website, over the past day the number of pages on the basis of this system has increased by almost 139,000.

The total number of sites on the basis of WordPress has increased dramatically over the past six months: in December 2010, the number was just over thirty million.

At the moment, WordPress is the most popular base for the creation of autonomous blogs. Only on the basis of this system created about 14 percent of all websites in the world. Every month they are viewing 287 million people, and the total number of hits exceeds 2.5 billion.

James Cameron gave his bathyscaphe scientists

James Cameron gave his bathyscaphe scientistsHollywood director James Cameron gives his bathyscaphe "DIPS Challenger" ("Deepsea Challenger") American Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

It is at this submersible author of "Titanic" and "Avatar" has made in the past year, a single dive to the bottom of the deepest point of the oceans – the Mariana Trench. Cameron was personally involved in the development of submersibles and spent on its creation nearly 10 million dollars, the New York Times.

It is not known whether will go again in the foreseeable future, "DIPS Challenger" in the depths of the sea, but Cameron himself has assured that if you need it, it bathyscaphe to this completely ready. All depends on the availability of research projects and finance. The main thing is that the advanced technology used to create mini-submarine, will not be lost and will help in the design of new undersea vehicles.