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The former first lady of Germany has filed a lawsuit against Google

The former first lady of Germany has filed a lawsuit against GoogleThe former first lady of Germany Bettina Wulff (Bettina Wulff) has filed a lawsuit against Google because of the rumors about his past that are distributed on the Internet, including by means of the search engine. According to Sueddeutsche Zeitung on September 9 at the end of last week, the family's lawyer Gernot Lehr Wolfe (Gernot Lehr) filed suit in the District Court of Hamburg. According to the documents, Google is accused of slander assumption, as well as aiding in the dissemination of false information.

Rumors that before the marriage with Christian Wulff, the former president of Germany, Bettina worked escort services are distributed over the past two years. Most of these stories can be easily found through Google. If you type a search query "Bettina Wulff," then the AutoComplete feature will offer a lot of options on this topic from the "Bettina Wulff Playboy" to "Bettina Wulff mattress."

Is published authorized biography of Steve Jobs

Is published authorized biography of Steve JobsIn the Monday, October 24, will be released authorized biography of Steven Paul Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson in many ways with the words of co-founder of Apple.

The basis of the 630-page book is based on more than forty interviews, taken over the past two years. The publication contains many unknown details about his personal life and business dealings of Mr. Jobs, who died on October 5.

Edition of the "New York Times" received a copy of the book a few days before it came out and deducted the following.

Wikileaks continue publishing despite Assange arrest

Wikileaks continue publishing despite Assange arrestThe representative of the web site Wikileaks, said that despite the arrest of Julian Assange, founder of the site in the UK, the portal will continue to operate as usual.

Wikileaks is operational. We will continue to work as before – said Kristinn Hrafnsson.

Any developments with yourself Assange will not affect our plans to publicize the new data either today or in the coming days – Reuters quoted the representative of Wikileaks.

According to the source, the portal will work efforts of programmers from London and other parts of the world.

Microblog Sweden gave citizens

Microblog Sweden gave citizensOfficial Twitter-Account of Sweden handed over ordinary citizens, who will alternate in the role of its "curators." The action began on December 10, but the media found out about it only on December 16.

Each "curator" has access to the profile of the week, according to the website of the project. Its creators, the Swedish Institute and the travel agency VisitSweden, believe that in this way will represent the country on all sides.

Project developers have assumed that getting access to your account, people would advise readers to interesting facts, places and events in Sweden. However, the first "curator" profile, which became Jack Werner (Jack Werner), published in the main messages of a personal nature, sometimes not quite correct.

Hackers attacked the website of European Parliament

Hackers attacked the website of European ParliamentEuropean Parliament's website was unavailable in the evening on January 26 as a result of DDoS-attacks.

According to the representative office, which results in the publication The New Europe, the resource has not been broken in the near future access will be restored. At the time of writing, the site, located on the third level domain ( remained inaccessible, while the second-level domain – – functioned normally.

Attack occurred just hours after signing Poland Trade Agreement on Combating Counterfeiting (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, ACTA), toughens measures against pirate sites. As pointed out by The Inquirer, only an agreement signed by 22 European countries, and it will come into force after the discussion in the European Parliament.