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European ISPs to filter traffic banned

European ISPs to filter traffic bannedEuropean Court of Justice has established November 24 that the ISPs do not have to filter user traffic. This was reported by Associated Press.

As pointed out by ZDNet, prohibition applies to direct traffic analysis, which is used in cases where the blocking of access to the most web resource does not give the desired effect. So now the providers are not able to "cut off" certain types of information transmitted, for example, the reception and transmission of files over p2p-protocol used by torrent-trackers.

Europe does not want to share personal data with Google

Europe does not want to share personal data with GoogleFrom today, Google changes privacy policies – if still your personal information into account in each of its services separately, the company now consolidates all the information on its websites at one and the same user. When a registered user is working with one of the services Google – such as Mail, Gmail, the social network Google+, YouTube movie or photo sharing site Picasa, – the system will take into account the history of its use of the rest.

These changes are already alarmed, for example, U.S. Senators. In early February 2012, shortly after Google warned about the changes they even called representatives in Congress for an explanation. Then Google explained that to worry about. First, by the same users will be more convenient to work with the service. Second, the new policy is better than the practice of competitors Google – Yahoo!, Microsoft and Apple. And thirdly, the change should increase the profitability of the advertising business: it can accurately address the contextual advertising to specific target audiences.

Gates confirmed talks with China on the construction of a nuclear reactor

Gates confirmed talks with China on the construction of a nuclear reactorOwned by Bill Gates TerraPower company is in talks with Chinese companies to develop a new generation of nuclear reactors, according to Associated Press.

Co-founder of Microsoft has confirmed that talks during a speech at the Ministry of Science and Technology of China on Wednesday, December 7. According to him, it is about creating a reactor that can run on depleted uranium. The advantages of such a reactor is the low cost of operation, safety and environmental friendliness. Gates also noted the stability of the reactor to external shocks, including the earthquake and tsunami.

A list of the most immoral computer games

A list of the most immoral computer gamesThe newspaper The Washington Post has compiled a list of the 15 most controversial video games of all time, the story is somehow violates the generally accepted morality.

Games are not grouped by category. Some of them claim to be ironic, others outright distortions are introduced to some very childish. One of them is the simulation of terrorist operations, the action takes place in the other camp neorasistov. In general, all of them have fights, alcohol, drugs and libido, says

In Bavaria, found the remains of a dinosaur in excellent condition

In Bavaria, found the remains of a dinosaur in excellent conditionPaleontologists have discovered the remains of a dinosaur "record" sound, according to Der Spiegel. On the discovery was announced at a press conference in Munich.

Preservation of the skeleton is 98 percent. Length yet unnamed predator when life expectancy was about 72 centimeters. According to scientists, this is an adult individual – this is indicated by the ratio of the proportions of the skeleton. It is planned that the slab of limestone, together with the skeleton will be on display at the museum for a few days.

The find was made several years ago in Bavaria and came to an undisclosed private collection. Later, however, the Raptor transferred to the state. Scientists point out that as a result of fossilization lizard skeleton was strongly compressed, so its three-dimensional structure as a whole is unknown.