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The most expensive advertising in Google valued at $ 50-per-click

The most expensive advertising in Google valued at $ 50-per-clickGoogle will earn up to $ 50 per click advertising, tied with the help of service to the AdWords keyword searches. This is stated in a study site WordStream, which deals with the calculation and processing of key words on the Internet. WordStream also learned what words bring Google more than just profit.

Google AdWords advertising service is designed on the principle of auction in which advertisers make bids on keywords based on their popularity in search queries. The minimum rate is 5 cents, but WordStream says that advertisers are willing to pay $ 50 for the most "expensive" words. Total cost of advertising is determined on a "pay per click" ("cost per click").

U.S. effectively used cyber weapons

U.S. effectively used cyber weaponsThe U.S. has already used cyber weapons and efficiently. This was announced on Monday, the former director of National Intelligence, Vice Admiral Michael McConnell retired.

In an interview with "Reuters", he said that the U.S. has the ability to "attack, weaken or destroy" the enemy in cyberspace. In this case, McConnell pointed out that such actions "have been effective," not telling, with no information about when, under what circumstances, against whom and with what consequences America used its cyber weapons and which one.