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In Poland, there were mass demonstrations against Internet censorship

In Poland, there were mass demonstrations against Internet censorshipMore than ten thousands of Poles took to the campaign against Internet censorship, According to BBC News. On Wednesday, January 25, demonstrations took place in several Polish cities, including Warsaw.

The discontent of the protesters called the government’s plans to sign a trade agreement to combat counterfeiting (The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, ACTA), which is positioned as an international instrument on the protection of intellectual property. This contract is criticized supporters of the free Internet, as it will force providers to report violations of copyright by users, and customs officials will give the right to inspect the computers with the alleged pirated content.

Iran will block Google and Gmail

Iran will block Google and GmailThe Iranian authorities block the local user access to the search engine Google and the mail service Gmail "in a few hours," said Sunday, September 24, a representative of the government of the country. According to a member of the Government Abdulsamada Horamabadi transmit Reuters and The Guardian. Google and Gmail are blocked in the country until further notice, the official said.

Reuters and the Guardian referred to the agency ISNA, which connects the blocking of services with anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims", which caused protests and provoked riots in some Islamic countries.

Europeans launch the first Galileo satellite

Europeans launch the first Galileo satelliteOn Thursday, with the Spaceport in French Guiana should start Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz" spacecraft with two European navigation system Galileo.

The satellites are part of a larger project that aims to improve significantly in the future satellite navigation system and provide more accurate data than the current U.S. system is now GPS.

To Galileo is fully earned, in orbit 28 satellites will bring.

To date, the European Commission, which initiated the project, has gained only 18 devices.

The opposition sites and social networks are not available

The opposition sites and social networks are not availableAlmost all the leading social services are not available from 16.00. Google, Twitter, Facebook are not available. Unknown cause of the problem may Beltelekom sets a limit on visiting these resources.

Belarusian opposition Internet resources Charter 97, the Belarusian partisans, and not loaded. As BelaPAN editor of Charter 97 Natalia Radin, from about 14.00 site is blocked at the level of RUE Beltelecom. Editorial connects it with the ongoing presidential election.

Editor of the website Charter 97 said that blocking the site confirms that the presidential elections are going to continue the script. According to her, opposition websites are blocked because they posted truthful information about the election, about irregularities during the election campaign, the detention of opposition activists and, in addition, calls to take part in an unauthorized rally on December 19 in October Square.

Drunken British were the main customers of online shops

Drunken British were the main customers of online shops43 per cent of Brits make purchases on the Internet under the influence. This is evidenced by the results of the survey of Kelkoo, which results in The Daily Telegraph.

A quarter of respondents admitted that they engaged in online shopping just because we made the alcohol, and the fifth part of the "drunken customers" can not remember the next day what they ordered in the online shop.

The researchers point out that more often intoxicated people buy clothes and shoes, as well as video games, movies and books. One of the respondents admitted that he bought the boat drunk.