11 clean technology innovation that can change the world

11 clean technology innovation that can change the worldResourcefulness is the key to success

It seems that the development of clean technologies each year is growing exponentially. The following eco-friendly technology, inventions can compete with their conventional counterparts, and in some cases exceed them. This is a reminder that the only thing that connects us with the old, less environmentally friendly technologies — is the lack of ingenuity. We offer the most acquainted with the list of new clean technologies to fight for the well-being of our planet.

The energy of the nanotubes

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed energy technology, which can be used to produce a DC voltage by passing electrons through the carbon nanotubes. The discovery is so significant that may need to create an entire field of science and technology to explore a new kind of energy. In a more practical aspect, the thermoelectric device of carbon nanotubes can provide the same energy output as a lithium-ion battery, while being only 1/100 of its size. Imagine that your laptop will get energy from a device the size of your fingernail!

Technology ZenithSolar

Using a curved mirror that can collect up to five times more solar energy than conventional solar collectors, a new technology developed by the Israeli company ZenithSolar, for the first time makes the cost of solar power competitive with fossil fuels. Incredible technological leap can improve the overall efficiency of solar power by 75%. Curved mirrors are located on the territory of only 12 square kilometers, and 10% of Israel’s population may live on imported energy.

Vertical farms

Despite the decrease of agricultural land due to changes in their purpose, today, farmers have to produce more and more food to meet the growing needs. The solution provided by a company called Valcent, is the placement of arable land according to the type of skyscrapers up. The company has invented a hydroponic farming system that grows plants in alternating rows, one above the other. This alternation not only provides the exact amount of light for each plant, but also requires less water than conventional farming methods.

Mercury-free energy-efficient lighting

Researchers at RTI International have invented a revolutionary lighting technology that is five times more energy efficient light bulbs and does not contain mercury, making it more environmentally friendly than compact fluorescent lamps. In addition, the resulting light is warmer and more aesthetic than the CFL. Once these lights go on sale, with consumers there will be no justification for the use of conventional incandescent bulbs.

Roofs of solar panels

If one has a panel with solar cells on the roofs of houses, then lost the need to build solar energy centers in the open land areas. Now, thanks to technology developed by Dow Chemical, this feature is very close to reality. Company has developed a roofing, which works also as a solar panel made of thin-film elements of diselenides gallium-indium-copper. Since they can establish Roofers without special knowledge of working with solar panels, the cost of using the roof as a power plant can not be further reduced.

Sage Electrochromics

The company is engaged in Sage Electrochromics green technologies and aims to develop clever windows based and electrochromic glass that change hue with the appearance of an electric charge. Furthermore, the degree of opacity can be changed manually by turning the switch as if the brightness auto switch for home lighting. In terms of practical technology will be beneficial to the regulation of home heating and save energy costs.

Electric microbes geobacterial

Scientists have developed an amazing strain of microbes called proteobacteria geobacterial that can generate electricity from oil pollution and radioactive materials. In other words, geobacterial can be used not only to remove harmful pollutants, but also to convert these pollutants into clean energy. Currently, researchers are working to develop fuel cells based on geobacterial. Not bad for microorganisms.

Evaporation solar panels

Company New Energy Technologies invented the transparent solar cells that can be sprayed onto any glass surface like paint. Light-absorbing nanomaterials 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, making possible this incomprehensible technology, and the transparency can be applied to almost any surface. Given such ease of use, this technology could significantly reduce the high cost of switching to solar energy.

Absorbent carbon nanotubes

Is there something that could not have done nanotubes? Porifera company has recently developed a way to use nanotechnology to real tangible CCS. The principle of operation is the use of nanotubes with high porosity and bandwidth which can suck the required molecules in the case of CO2.

Hydroelectricity next generation of Hydrovolts Inc.

The company Hydrovolts Inc. developed a revolutionary method is less aggressive use of water channels to generate electricity. Rather than cover the mighty river dams or install turbines in the middle of strong ocean currents, the company invented a technology that can draw energy from peaceful channels and other waterways with adjustable flow. In contrast to conventional hydropower plants which generate electricity by the pressure of the water, the unique turbine company uses the kinetic energy from the quiet streams. Such power can even be fitted on the installation of sewage treatment plants or food.

Modernization of engines of trains

Company Amtrak recently proposed a new design for the old engine design that promises a 50% cut in emissions from diesel engines. The first modernized locomotive will run between San Jose and Sacramento, California, United States, and it has been called the cleanest passenger train in California. Refitting older engines instead of buying new, the company managed to save $ 2 million on each engine. Let us hope that the green light will spread to all trains in the world.

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